DCO是什么意思 DCO的读音、翻译、用法

DCO是什么意思 DCO的读音、翻译、用法

DCO这个词语来源于英语,是“Domain Controller Operations”的缩写,翻译为“域控制器操作”。在计算机网络领域中,DCO通常用于描述域控制器的管理和运维工作,比如配置、监控、备份等。


1. Your DCO team must ensure that all domain controllers are properly configured.(你的DCO团队必须确保所有域控制器的配置正确。)

2. Monitoring DCO is a critical part of network security management.(监控DCO是网络安全管理的关键部分。)

3. In a complex network environment, DCO can be challenging to manage.(在复杂的网络环境中,DCO可能难以管理。)

4. DCO best practices can help ensure that your organization's network is secure and reliable.(DCO最佳实践可以确保您的组织网络安全可靠。)

5. The DCO team is responsible for maintaining the Active Directory infrastructure.(DCO团队负责维护Active Directory基础架构。)

6. DCO policies and procedures should be documented and regularly reviewed.(DCO政策和程序应该有文档记录,并经常进行审核。)

7. The DCO team must be trained in the latest network security techniques.(DCO团队必须接受最新的网络安全技术培训。)

8. DCO tools can help automate repetitive tasks and save time.(DCO工具可以帮助自动化重复的任务并节省时间。)

9. Effective DCO requires a thorough understanding of your organization's network infrastructure.(有效的DCO需要对组织的网络基础设施有透彻的了解。)

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