pesteration是什么意思 pesteration的中文翻译、读音、例句

pesteration是什么意思 pesteration的中文翻译、读音、例句



例句:It is painful to acknowledge, but marketers were right all along: pester power works. (要承认这一点很痛苦,但市场营销商们的理念一直正确——孩子一哭闹,父母就买单。)


例句:Now ad ays, number of org aniz ation and institute using latest tools and technology to process or enter dat a. (现在,许多组织和机构使用最新的工具和技术来处理或者录入数据。)


1. While my mother prepared dinner each night, my brothers and I would pester her. (翻译:每天晚上妈妈做饭的时候,我和哥哥都会缠着她问)

2. I received an inv IT ation to the party yesterday, but I refused to accept IT. (翻译:昨天我接到一份参加晚会的邀请,拒绝了接受。)

3. People pester me and they pester others with inquiries about what I am doing. (翻译:人们不断打扰我,也互相打扰,打听我正在做什么。)

4. On the upside, at least I'll have some free time so I can pester you to tell me what that thing means. (翻译:好处是 我有了充足的时间 缠着你告诉我 这个图案的意义)

5. A Tentative Study on the Cohesion and Coherence in Sun Zhili's Chinese Transl ation of Pride and Prejudice (翻译:浅论《傲慢与偏见》孙致礼中译本的衔接与连贯)

6. When these barriers are destroyed, an army of the undead will return to pester the living. (翻译:当这些屏障被摧毁 亡灵军队将回来缠住活人)

7. The result of selecting coope ation will unite Public goal and private profit to reach that goal. (翻译:而如何操作才能将公共目标与私人利益统一起来,选择合作,将会有助于目标的完成。)

8. He wanted to leave all of his money to you, but he knew that if he did, your relatives would pester you forever. (翻译:他想要把所有钱留给你, 但他知道如果他这么做了, 你的亲戚会永远缠着你。)

9. We continue our Foreign Student Series this week with a report on the Intern ation al Student Handbook. (翻译:本周,我们通过一份关于国际学生手册的报告来继续留学生系列报道。)

10. He promised not to pester the queen to sleep with him if she swore to take none of his possessions. (翻译:他答应不强求希巴女王共寝,但女王须发誓不擅取他任何东西。)

11. I'm not sure why she refused their inv IT ation. (翻译:我尚不能肯定她为什么拒绝他们的邀请。)

12. How dare you pester my fiancee! (翻译:ﻲﻴﺘﺒﻴﻄﺧ ﺓﺭﺎﻳﺯ ﻰﻠﻋ ﺅﺮﺠﺗ ﻒﻴﻛ)

13. Sheldon, you pester me one more time about chicken, (翻译:谢尔顿 你再拿鸡的事情烦我 Sheldon, you pester me one more time about chicken,)

14. This discussion covers the final portion of the third chapter, starting at the subheading "Pester Power" on page 61. (翻译:这次讨论涉及到第3章的最后一部分。从第61页副标题“儿童购买力”开始。)

15. Film is a kind of art th at combine sp ace and time, also be ac carrier of an ation " culture, at these ame time embody an ation" tradition. (翻译:电影是一门空间与时间相结合的艺术,同时也是整个社会、文化的外化形式,承载着一个国家、一个民族的传统。)

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