neissers是什么意思 neissers的中文翻译、读音、例句

neissers是什么意思 neissers的中文翻译、读音、例句




例句:She's lovely. Very pretty. (它真漂亮 Elle est très belle!)


例句:There are bigger fish than the SSR, and right now, they're more concerned with a breach of national security than evidence protocol. (还有比战略科研署更厉害的人物 There are bigger fish than the S. S. R.)


1. Your 9/11s, your 7/7s, are what my people suffer on a daily basis around the world. (翻译:你们的 9/11s, 你们的 7/7s, 正像我的族人 日日煎熬的地域)

2. Because STS-200 is a delicate, top-secret satellite recovery that's why. (翻译:因为 S T S 2 0 0 是最高机密 所以不能)

3. Captai n, I want you to send a coded message, hi gh priority, to the U.. (翻译:Captai N,我要你发送编码消息, 喜GH优先级,给美国。S. S.)

4. This is the S.S. Great Western that he built to take care of the second half of that journey. (翻译:这就是他建造的S.S大西部铁路 连接旅程的第二段。)

5. The raisins. No, no, no. Not swollen, not disintegrated. (翻译:葡萄既没有发胀也没有发皱 Les raisins, non, ni gonflés ni fripés.)

:// (翻译://

7. - Je suis tres desole, messieurs. (翻译:- Je suis très desole, messieurs.)

8. The day after the Challenger explosion, Neisser asked a group of students to write down their memory of events. (翻译:挑战者号爆炸的第二天,Neisser要求一组学生写下他们记得的事件。)

9. But the SSR is myopic when it comes to Howard Stark, which is why I have been conducting my own investigation. (翻译:战略科研署在斯塔克的事情上太短视了 But the S. S. R.)

10. Magician searched for a white rooster for a very long time, (翻译:魔术师找了很久白色的公鸡 Le magicien, il a cherché le coq blanc très très très longtemps.)

11. Stack size: ulimit a "s unlimited." (翻译:堆栈大小:ulimit—s unlimited。)

12. That makes me Brittany S. Pierce. (翻译:全名是 布里特妮・S・皮尔斯 That makes me Brittany S.)

13. The original version of this experiment was carried out more than 30 years ago, but it still has the power to amaze (Neisser & Becklen, 1975). (翻译:这个实验的初始版本是在xx年前做的,而这种神奇的实验结果一直延续至今,并没有改变。)

14. Also an "I" and an "S", also a "T", an "M", an "A" and another "S". (翻译:还有I 还有S 还有T 和M 和A 和另一个S)

15. Ejection murmurs begin after S1 and are usually crescendo- decrescendo ( "diamond-shaped'), ending before S2. " (翻译:喷射音始于S1后,通常有渐强-渐弱特征,并于S2前结束。)



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